M.S Naturally

My story.. After a diagnosis of M.S at 24 years old I was devastated and afraid of the future. I used to need a walking stick, and my brain fog got so bad that I could not cross the road or drive a car. I was under the care of neurologists and taking the newest medications but I was still sick, and was in and out of hospital for many years.

Out of a desperation and a new found belief in my ability to recover I studied to be a naturopath. As I dove into the research surrounding diet and lifestyle interventions for M.S, and started the Wahls diet, a Paleo eating plan, I started to feel better! I also implemented the lifestyle recommendations from the Overcoming M.S program including regular meditation, vitamin D, exercise, diary writing and cultivating a positive mental attitude.

I have now been symptom and relapse free, without medications for 5 years. My story has been published in Terry Wahls 2015 book.

I now see people with M.S at Inspirational Health, our thriving natural health clinic in Newcastle. After my own personal healing journey, I have insights into what people with M.S live with, as well as what it can take to get better. I use evidence based nutritional medicine, medicinal herbs, as well as diet and lifestyle interventions, all drawing on the latest medical research.

I have a knack for turning ‘research into recipes’ and complex health information into simple and practical bite sized pieces of information. Did you know that green tea is brilliant for reducing brain fog? or that the spice turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb?

Stay tuned for upcoming ‘M.S Naturally’ day retreats in Newcastle!

Not sure where to start? Book an appointment with me and try making your own turmeric golden milk at home, or mix up a blueberry brain food smoothie .

golden milkBlueberry brain food smoothie

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