Research on complementary medicine for M.S

Do you or a loved one have M.S and want to know more about about the research surrounding non drug therapies for M.S? Then have a scroll below! Have any questions? You can book an appointment to see me in my Newcastle clinic here.

Got 10 mins to listen to my story? Here is a link to a recent ABC radio interview I did about being diagnosed with M.S, learning to recover and what I want to do with my life now that I am well!

Film and documentaries

Wahls diet- Want a quick youtube summary of the Wahls diet for that I have had so much success on? See her Ted Talk here

On going gluten free- Catalyst program on the links between gluten and autoimmune diseases including M.S is here.

Overcoming M.S- A summary of research based nondrug therapies for M.S with Professor George Jelinek here.

Food and M.S- This Catalyst ‘The Guts of the matter’ two part program focuses on the links between what we eat, our gut health and autoimmune conditions. They speak specifically about M.S in the second doco 20 mins in. The link is here

Books written by people with M.S for people with M.S!

This is a link to the Terry Wahls Protocol book here– my story is on page 278

Overcoming M.S by George Jelinek- great info on lifestyle medi for M.S, different diet (low saturated fa, eats gluten) that I didn’t thrive on but many people around the world have great improvement on this program. I did his retreat, it’s great. Link to book (you can often get this one for free in Australia & New Zealand) and the website is here

Recovering from M.S- real life stories of hope and inspiration with George Jelinek & Karen Law here

Dermot O’Connor book- great resource on the psychology of health recovery that I used when I was housebound to prime my mind for wellness here

The Grain Brain- Book by empowering neurologist Dr David Perlmutter on the effects of gluten and sugars on the brain here.

Brain maker- a fascinating book by empowering neurologist Dr David Perlmutter on the role of our guts and gut bacteria in making our brain is here

Research reports

My story: I am featured in this 2013 research trial on using non-drug therapies to improve disease outcomes in M.S after attending the ‘Overcoming M.S’ retreat with Professor George Jenelek. This report was featured in Neurological Sciences. See here

Could M.S begin in the guts? Researchers suggest so. Scientific American report here

Does M.S start with faulty gut bacteria? article here

On Gut bacteria and Central nervous system demyelinating diseases (like M.S) here

On the links between M.S severity and overweight/obesity here

Environmental factors including vitamin D deficiency and smoking play a key role in the onset of multiple sclerosis (MS). Pubmed study here

More on why you really should get sun on your skin or supplement with Vitamin D here

On the power of lifestyle modification in improving quality of life outcomes here

On the damage of smoking and passive smoking in M.S progression and relapses here

Terry Wahls initial clinical trials on using nutrition to improve fatigue outcomes in secondary progressive M.S here

Why I don’t eat gluten and the links between gluten, autoimmune disease and gut function report here

Exercise therapy and massage for M.S report here

More on the importance of exercise for people with M.S here

On the power of meditation for improving quality of life and reducing depression in M.S here


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