The Wahls Paleo protocol

A great place to start learning is Terry Wahls Ted Talk here.

I have been following the Wahls Paleo dietary protocol for nearing 5 years. It is this diet, alongside lifestyle interventions (stress management, Vitamin D, herbal medicine, exercise, meditation) that I attribute to my good health!

Feed your brain-1 (2)I love the Wahls diet because it feeds my brain the nutrients it needs to thrive. This diet also reduces inflammation, provides huge amounts of antixoidants and balances autoimmunity naturally (what you need if you have M.S!). You can expect to feel more energy, reduced brain fog and if you are anything like me- get your health back!

Unlike other diets I have tried (Swank, Jelinelek) this diet allows you to eat healthy saturated fats (fish, meats, nuts, seeds, avocado). The Wahls dietary protocol is heavily plant based, and encourages a transition to a Paleo diet (no grains, with a focus on eating heaps of vegies, berries, algae meats and fish).

The excluded foods include; gluten in all forms, dairy, refined sugars + any foods that you react to (allergies and food intolerances- I test these in clinic). A visual summary of the Wahls diet is here. wahls diet summary vegies

Wahls diet summary nerve cells

WahlsWant to know more? This amazing book goes into great depth. My story is featured on page 278.







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